Thursday, January 10, 2013


1.If you were the river, would you be enlightenment or would you know enlightenment? In other words, what’s up with the river? What is it’s relation to enlightenment? (
2. What does he fear if he stays at home and continues in his father’s religion? (
3. How was Siddartha able to put aside social expectations to pursure his path to enlightenment? (
4. In the beginning Siddhartha is following a traditional “devotional” path . Why isn’t this enough for Siddhartha? Do you agree that he should leave? Why? (
5. What purpose does self-denial serve in Siddhartha? What about self-indulgence? (

I can't answer any of these questions at the moment because I don't remember too much about the novel. I think if I reread the book it would assist me in answering the questions.

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