Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pre-Will Questions
a) I know Hamlet is written by Shakespeare but, I don't know what the book is about and I don't know if the "Melancholy Dane" is referring to Hamlet but I dont' know what that is either.
b) I know Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers ever but, I have never been able to relate to his writings. I read Romeo and Juliet freshman and it was really hard to follow the story because of Shakespeare's unique writing style.
c) Students frown when they here Shakespeare because they don't relate to most of his writings and his diction, style, and most of his literary elements in his work are hard to interpret through the text. I am not surprised that students don't like Shakespeare because his writings were written a very long time so, comparing his works to literature nowaday their is a huge difference.
d) I think we should take our time reading Hamlet so we can fully experience the play and so we can get a better interpretation of the play as a whole. Another thing I would like to do is have many discussions in class about the book to compare our different views on the meaning of the texts so we can get a knowledgable and intelligent understanding of the play.

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