Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rosa Alvarez- There have been no posts since December
Amanda Arnold- I only found 2 posts from this semester
Will Boerger- I found your blog intriguing.
Rheanna Crawley- The blog is very plain it should fit more to your personality.
Michelle Crosby- You seem to have all the literary terms on your blog
Vince Cruz- Your blog could use some work.
Jose De Leon- Not really any posts but thats because he is a transfer.
Lizbeth Estrada- You don't have all the assignments on your blog.
Kaitlyn Furst- You need to update your blog.
Bernardo Gonzalez- I think my blog is updated and only has 1 missing assignment.
Iliana Gutierrez- She seems to have done most of the assignments.
Mackenzie Greely- The blog is up to date.
Taelor Griego- Not many posts at all.
John Han- The blog seems up to date with the exception of your literary analysis.
Elizabeth Hotchkiss- You should post to your blog more often.
Pablo Nicacio- Not many recent posts.
Elizabeth Pereyra- Your blog seems up to date.
Eddie Pineda- Your blog seems up to date with the exception of a few missing assignments.
Alex Ramirez- Your blog is interesting.
Torre Reddick- You don't have a lot of posts.
Christa Weston- I found your blog very intriguing.

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