Thursday, August 16, 2012

Additional Thoughts: Montaigne/Austen Essay

1. If I had more time I would have wrote a 5 paragraph essay instead of 4 paragraphs. I would have gone into greater detail about the differences and similarites in both Montaigne's and Austen's styles. I also would have liked to improve my conclusion by summarizing my essay better and not just writing to fill up space. I also realized that I didn't answer the essay question in full due to the time limit. I didn't have enough time to  compare their themes in enough detail to support my answer to the essay question.

2. After I left I realized that my introduction was lacking in catching the interest of the reader. My essay as a whole wasn't very appealing in the sense that it was more informational than interesting, however, I guess an essay is meant to be more informational but being both informational and interesting couldn't hurt my grade. My essay was also lacking in support of my statements made throughout my essay.

3. The interruption completely messed up my thought pattern because I was focusing on what to write next but by the time I had returned to class my thoughts were jumbled and completing the essay was a challenge and a hassle from then on. I like to finish an essay in one sitting because I like to write all my ideas at once because they will probably be forgotten later.

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