Monday, August 20, 2012

Reflections on Week #1

1. I don't really need my friends to hassle me to finish my assignments because I am usually responsible enough to accomplish my homework without any incentive besides my own. I already have a computer in my possession so it won't be a hassle to finish my assignments that involve the Internet. My family doesn't really encourage me to do my homework because they know I will do it without them having to harass me about it.
2. The best learning experience I ever experienced was in Dr. Preston's honors english class sophmore year. He inspired me to put more effort into my work and taught the class in a non traditional fashion which was foreign to me at the time. I learned that if I really want to accomplish my goals in life that I would have to try my hardest because nothing is free in this life and I would have to earn everything.
3. I look forward to another year learning from Dr. Preston. I hope that I will be given the material necessary for me to pass the AP Exam in May. I believe this class will impact my life because it will require hours of dedication and studying to not only pass the class but to pass the AP Exam.

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