Sunday, November 4, 2012

AP Hamlet PLN

AP Hamlet: Ms. Garr
This site made the cut because it had one article that just blew me away. The teacher only has a couple resources of Hamlet but, they are very good resources. She had one article that described a modern interpretation of Ophelia which was the article that blew me away because of the how well done it was and how relative it is to modern-day.

AP Love
This site made the cut because it had brief summaries from each scene which I found helpful. It is probably most useful as a review tool. Compared to other websites that I visited, this one was probably one of my favorites because I prefer short summaries than tediously, lengthy summaries.

Boyd's AP English Literature and Composition Blog
This is hands down my favorite resource because it has everything you could possibly want regarding Hamlet. It has character charts, literary terms, vocabulary, discussion questions, summaries, and it also provides more resources about the play from other sites. This blog is just overall great for any class reading Hamlet.

Saunders' AP English Literature and Composition Blog
This blog doesn't really contain any important information about Hamlet but, I chose it because it had 2 videos on the blog that I thought was well done. One of the videos talked about Hamlet in pop culture which I thought wasn't possible, however, after watching the video I was proven wrong. The other video talked about Denmark and mentioned Hamlet but it wasn't really relevant to the play.

Mrs. Mills' AP English Literature and Composition Blog
I had to put this one on my top 5 because the blog is so appealing in its layout but, it is also so informative about Hamlet. It arguably contains more information about Hamlet than our own course blog. It provides videos of Hamlet, his soliloquies, and so much more.


  1. Your right about the first one that interpretation was really good

  2. I like the variety of the sources you chose. A combination of traditional academic methods and more lighthearted ones is nice.

  3. I like how you went and found actual blogs as opposed to just informational sites...I agree with Josh's comment, great job!

  4. Why did you pick these sources? Please elaborate I did't quite get what you were trying to saying.

  5. Looks like great sources. Looking forward to using them. I'd just try and be a little more specific in your descriptions.Good job.