Monday, March 4, 2013

Brave New World (4&5)
Repetition-"Go down," it said, "go down. Floor Eighteen. Go down, go down. Floor Eighteen. Go down, go...." p.59
Simile- "The summer afternoon was drowsy with the hum of passing helicopters; and the deeper drone of the rocket-planes hastening, invisible, through the bright sky five or six miles overhead was like a caress on the soft air." p.59
Characterization- "The chubby red face of Benito Hoover was beaming down at him-beaming with manifest cordiality. Benito was notoriously good-natured." p.60
Analogy- "Like the vague torsos of fabulous athletes, huge fleshy clouds lolled on the blue air above their heads." p.61
Setting- "An incessant buzzing of helicopters filled the twilight. Every two and a half minutes a bell and the screech of whistles announced the departure of one of the light monorail trains which carried the lower caste golfers back from their separate course to the metropolis." p.72

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