Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brave New World (9&10)
Simile- "Joy flared up like fire within him." p.142
Repetition- "The zippers on Lenina's spare pair of viscose velveteen shorts were at first a puzzle, then solved, a delight. Zip, and then zip; zip, and then zip; he was enchanted." p.143
Imagery- "Very slowly, with the hesitating gesture of one who reaches forward to stroke a shy and possibly rather dangerous bird, he put out his hand. It hung there trembling, within an inch of those limp fingers, on the verge of contact." p.144
Setting- "From the Social Predestination room the escalators went rumbling down into the basement, and there, in the crimson darkness, stewing warm on their cushion of peritoneum and gorged with blood-surrogate and hormones, the foetuses grew and grew or poisoned, languished into a stunted Epsilonhood." p.146

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