Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gridlock #1

Vendler Grid
Meaning No matter the obstacles that the person faces in his life, he will always rise.

I think before the poem was written the narrator was made fun of and hated by others.
Structural Parts

The poem is split into two parts. The first half of the poem is very dark because of the narrator lists how he has been hated by everyone. The second half of the poem starts with the beginning of the last stanza which shifts the tone to a more joyous and triumphant one.

The climax starts in the beginning of the last stanza which shifts the dark and gloomy tone to a more joyous and triumphant one.
Other Parts
Like I listed above in the structural parts section this poem is split into two parts.

Skeleton The poem refers to the narrator's life as a slave and the poem's tone doesn't shift into a positive direction until the last stanza.

Content Genre-
The poem is an autobiography/hero poem.

Tone The tone in the beginning is dark and gloomy but shifts in the last stanza to a joyous and triumphant tone.
Agency The main agent in the poem is "I Rise."
Roads Not Taken The poem's message is so inspirational that I believe any other road taken would have been idiotic. The poem is perfect and can be related to anyone's life.

Speech Acts First the narrator listed how he was tortured and hated by everyone, and then he rose. Eventually he triumphed by rising yet again.

Outer and Inner Structural
The major speech shift is in the last stanza.
Imagination The imagination runs free throughout the poem by emotionally touching the reader. The author succeeds in inspiring the reader with his harsh life but never-ending will.

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