Thursday, April 18, 2013

MacBeth Act III & IV
  • Hecade, the boss witch, is angered by the other three witches who are doing things without her permission.
  • The witches tell MacBeth that he must kill Banquo if he wants to remain King.
  • MacBeth kills Banquo but his son survives and flees Scotland.
  • The witches heed MacBeth by giving him 3 warnings. 1. Watch out for Macduff. 2. No man born of woman is going to hurt him. 3. Don't worry until Birnam Woods moves to Dunsinane
  • Ross then announces he has some bad news. Macduff offers to guess at it, but before he does Ross blurts out that, actually Macduff's family has been gruesomely murdered.
  • Macduff blames himself for leaving, but Malcolm recommends that Macduff take his own advice and get his feelings out by murdering rather than weeping.
  • Macduff vows to slay Macbeth, committing to action instead of thought.

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