Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tools That Change the Way We Think
The internet/media/technology dictate the way we think. Our thinking is not as personalized as we assume. Referring back to the Ted talk that we watched early in the week, the presenter said that his Facebook wall deleted all the conservative posts and replaced them with only liberal posts. This is unfortunate because the presenter was liberal and all he saw was liberal posts which makes him infer that everyone must be a liberal. This isn't true but this is what happens when someone only gets half the story, they think that everyone agrees with them and that society isn't as diverse in ideas and beliefs as we thought.
Technology to us is what fire was to a caveman. The caveman could survive without the fire, however, they believed they could not because it did everything for them. It kept them warm when they were cold and it cooked their food when they were hungry. Sometimes we use it for pointless things. For example, What is the weather going to be like today? Go outside and check for yourself, don't Google it. On the other hand, the internet is not such a bad thing after all, it is not like it is a drug or anything, or is it?

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