Monday, October 22, 2012

Vocab Sentences #9
I had to redo my experiment because my first experiment was abortive.
People, US, and other celebrity magazines are known for bruiting.
The jester was killed by the king because he was acting contumeliously.
The president made a dictum based on the Libyan revolution.
The Europeans ensconced their homeland as Europe.
Athiests are iconoclastic towards other religions.
It is rare to see in medias res nowadays.
The political campaign of 2012 can be considered internecine.
People that are maladroit should not go to furniture stores.
The drunk construction worker was maudlin after his wife died.
Parents modulate their children's beliefs to match their own.
Hamlet bestowed a portentous defeat upon King Claudius.
Psychics are known to be masters in the art or science of prescience.
Julian owed me a quid pro quo because I bought him ice cream yesterday.
Body builders have to be salubrious or else they can't be body builders.
Saturnalia was a significant festival in ancient Rome.
Every baking competition has a touchstone.
After, the kid's parents died in a car accident he became traumatized by cars.
If you don't eat the avocado while it is ripe it will vitiate.
Elementary students play duck-duck-goose in a waggish manner.

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