Monday, October 8, 2012

Vocab Paragraph for Hamlet (#8)
Throughout the play I have wanted to lampoon Ophelia for her naive requests of being with Hamlet. Ophelia is ambivalent and beleaguered in her feeling towards Hamlet. Ophelia's father prevents her from achieving carte blanche and instead chooses to debauch her life. She is inchoate and should be able to gambol, however, her father is concerned for her because she is malleable. Ophelia's character makes me feel queasy and since we don't know enough about her we can't call her a philistine. Hamlet is currently in an abeyance from school because his uncle and mother want him to stay in the kingdom with them instead of going off and having a picaresque life. Hamlet has savoir-faire when he is talking with his uncle and his mother instead of being refractory. After, Hamlet talked to his dead father he opted to seek revenge on his uncle and hopefully have his plan end in eclat. Hamlet will most likely be fastidious in his plan to defeat his nemesis, King Claudius, and maybe even conduct a catalysm to imbue his people to follow him instead of Claudius.

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